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Hype a Writer Day!


Writers write. We’ve established that. What I haven’t said yet – what doesn’t really need to be said because it’s implied, really, but I’m going to say it anyway – is that writers also read.­ In fact, the more a writer reads, the better their writing gets. Now, that’s not to say that better writing skills can be absorbed via osmosis, but it’s a fact that reading good writing gives a writer ideas, inspiration, insight, etc. What’s more, reading a good writer’s blog about how to write better? Now that is pure genius.


So when I discovered Chuck Wendig’s blog a while back, I was just about giddy with glee. It’s well written, dripping with sarcasm and wit, and stuffed full of really juicy tidbits and great ideas on fleshing out your story, making the most of your plot, developing your characters, and more. I was so enthralled that I quickly picked up one of his books, Blackbirds, and was immediately glad I did. (Fair warning – his blog is NSFW, as it does have a bit of foul language thrown about willy nilly. Double fair warning: the book, while AMAZING does have quite a bit of violence, cussing and a wee bit of sexuality thrown in.)


If neither of these things offends your sensibilities, I encourage you to check out Chuck’s blog, here. You can pick up a copy of his books, including Blackbirds or any of his writing guides, from there.


Now it’s your turn, fellow word nerds. What’s your favorite writer-type blog?


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